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I'm nauseous-literally nauseous. How do I introduce myself? Seriously. What would you really want to know about me? What could I write that wouldn't sound fake and fluffy or so self-depricating that it appears I'm soliciting approval. You know what I mean. It's like a gal who is a size minus four saying she hates her thighs. Sure she may feel that way, but who really wants to hear about that?

I'm a wife and mommy-in-the-trenches. I love deep conversations. I kind of stink at small talk. I don't particularly like other people's children. I eat ice like an addict. Without the extreme attention, I have a uni-brow. I'm sexy like that.

I like to think that above all else I am genuine-genuinely Whitney. So, as best I can tell, this is me. I am a follower after Christ. Loving God has always come easily for me. I fell in love with God because my earthly Dad is simply amazing. I can honestly say that my early inclinations towards God were that if He loves me like my Daddy does, I'll love him forever. How ridiculously blessed am I? Loving God is easy; submitting to God isn't. However, for the most part I have mostly good days in my journey of faith, but that's only because I don't like to think about, admit or confess lingering, long-held, too-often repeated sins. I'm working on that. Genuinely.

I am a good wife, but that's only because I'm the only wife my husband ("the CEO") has ever had, and well, he doesn't know any better. I'm learning that my primary call in life is to promote, encourage and serve him, and that this is serving Christ. God has shown me quite clearly and painfully that I lived the first six or so years of my marriage thinking he was lucky to have me. Man those first years are hard! I'm not proud of that, but it's true. Every argument, every assertion that I was more forgiving, less stubborn, more flexible were my veiled attempts at saying "you have no idea how good you have it mister." I will live the next sixty years with this amazing man (God willing) trying to make up for my prideful, hard heart. I am the lucky one. Genuinely.

I am a fabulous mom, but only because my boys are two, four, six and eight. Not only are they too young to refute my rock star status as a mom, but also they are too young to embarrass me in ways that state the obvious-I'm making this up as I go. I figure I have a little while longer to live in denial at least until the two year-old says something horrifying in public. Then I'll be outed. I'm not naturally gifted to be a Mom. I really do have to work at it. This kind of makes me secretly hate all my best friends. I try to focus on just one thing for a period of time in hopes of eventually mastering other Mommy aptitudes. Right now I'm trying to teach (and show, which consequently is harder than teaching) that in our house Daddy is most important and valued. I tell them that we all, including Mommy love and obey Daddy. God is first and Daddy is second. Check back often to see how I'm progressing. I figure I'll move on to other Mommy aptitudes about the time my boys head to college-maybe.

For the other particulars, I am a member of the Proverbs 31 Ministry Team. God made me to build the Kingdom by mothering four boys first, and encouraging women through the teaching of His Word, second. I love both! His dreams were WAY better than mine. I had hoped to be the sideline chick on ESPN for college football. Erin Andrews stole my life. Yeah, this is so much better. It's a great feeling to wake up and realize you have the life you never dreamt of having...



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