Back from Back-to-School Hiatus

Hello friends. I'm back after taking off the month of August. With two of my babies in school, I needed to be readily available for them. Dylan is going to Pre-K for half a day with a noon pick up. Cooper is in 1st grade; I pick him up at 3:00. It feels in some ways like I spent the last month in my car. (Oh you mother's of teens, how do you do it?!) While entertaining a very active 2-year-old Ryder, home alone for the first time in his life, I've ben a busy gal. I had neglected to appreciate how much entertainment for Ryder and help for me Cooper and Dylan had been. Needless to say, we have all missed them.

We are all adjusting to this new season of life, and I have learned as much if not more than they have in the first few weeks of school. Motherhood is course with regular exams, isn't it? I am so excited to share some news with you about some of the things God is teaching me. I'll be tackling a huge project here in the coming months, and I'll need some faithful, fearless participants. Come back soon for an update! I'm so excited I can't type fast enough. God is up to some big stuff!


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Twas the night before school...

Hello bloggy friends. Whit here. Sorry some of you have been looking for the final session of our "Because I Said So" summer series. I lost my flip (camera) which is sort of critical for uploading video. Dorky. Scatterbrained. Preggers mother of three. But the lost coin has been found! We'll be up and running tomorrow so check back then.

But for now, I am preparing to get up WAY earlier than I have all summer long to get two, count them, TWO boys ready for school. Dylan our chivalrous, charismatic four-year old heads off to Providence with big brother Cooper. Coop's entering first grade, and he is beyond ready. When did I age into a mother of, gasp!, two school-aged children?

And in case you missed it, we are preggers with number four. We also found out two weeks ago it's BOY number four. I'll post more on that later. I can't decide. Are we doing such a fine job that we've been entrusted with another, OR, is God giving us one more shot to finally get it right? I'm not sure I want to know the answer.

It takes a lot of Jesus for me to be a good Mom. Maybe He knew I needed a lot more sanctifying. That's the more likely reason.

Night, night.

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