They reach millions, but touch one at a time...

Will you help us go to her? She was a naive newlywed with a sweet, totally unrealistic dream hidden deep in her heart. She knew that dream needed to be brought into the light. It needed breath and space and hope to grow. So she did what all dreamers do, she searched the Internet. In the quiet and secret of her home office, away from her uber practical husband, she found out about a conference for women who want to be speakers. It was in Charlotte in June of 2003. It was too expensive. It would be too far away. It was too outside her comfort zone. But something or more likely Someone moved in her heart and dared her to say "yes."

She was happy to say "yes" knowing her husband would say "no." At least she could say she submitted to God and him. Maybe she'd be off the hook. With fear and trembling, she asked. She acknowledged the risk and the cost. She supposed it was silly. She waited for him to agree it was a bad idea. He said he'd pray about it.

He (both he and He) said "yes." She agreed to register for She Speaks 2003.

Fast forward ten years. She just came home from She Speaks 2013. A decade later. That sweet, totally unrealistic dream has become a vibrant, totally unbelievable ministry. She doesn't reach millions or even thousands. She raises four boys. She loves her husband. She clean her home. She changes diapers. She travels, speaks and occasionally writes. But she does ministry in ways that lets her soul sing, and let's her feel God's pleasure.

She has been changed by Proverbs 31 Ministries. Women in love with Jesus poured into her life and whispered,

"Say 'yes' to God and watch what He will do with your obedience."
"Don't be discouraged in the dailiness of motherhood; ministry will come in time."
"Serve others well and build the Kingdom faithfully. The rest will take care of itself."
"We believe in the rough, raw gifting we see in you, but keep improving. Keep learning."
"Minister in your weakness; let God use those rough spaces to show His grace to others."

She listened. She treasured these things in her heart. She came to love these women, the women they serve together and this ministry. "She" is me.

I have been changed by Proverbs 31. I have been changed in an intimate, profound way by Lysa, Renee, Karen, Micca, Sharon, Lynn, Wendy B., Suzie, Wendy P., Tracie, Amy, Melissa, Barb, Terri, Nicki, Sam, Glynnis, Lisa and countless others. I don't brag that I know them in real life. Truth is, you know them in real life too if you are a part of Proverbs 31. These beautiful, broken women are the fleshed-out version of what you read, hear and see.

They pour themselves out daily in countless ways that no one ever sees. God multiplies their obedience to reach women in countries around the world. And mysteriously, miraculously they let me partner with them.

It will be one of the chief joys of my life reaching women around the world through Proverbs 31. Telling Mom's to persevere. Teaching women how to treasure the Word. Asking wives to forgive the unforgivable. Encouraging women to honor God in the workplace. Inviting women to meet Jesus in a real and personal way.

I believe I can say honestly, joining us would bless you. Real life ministry happens here. Wanna join us? We'd be honored to work alongside you.

Watch this brief video to see some of the specific ways and places ministry happens:

Partner with Us Today from Proverbs 31 Ministries on Vimeo.

If you'd like to join us here's the link to learn more:

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