God-sized Dreamer?

If you're here from Holley's world, welcome. If not, you so, so, so need to know my friend Holley. She's ah.mazing. If you're new, let me start...

Hi, I'm Whitney. I've been told I over commit and under deliver. How's that for an introduction? Don't you just so want to be my friend?

I have plenty of flaws, but a lack of transparency isn't one of them. So, there you go. That's me. Big dreamer. Not so big doer. When I have been given this feedback, I've had to receive it honestly and with grace. It's true.

Now before you judge me for deflecting, I am seriously working on this weakness in my life. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I think I'm making strides. So don't go gettin' all mad at me, but I kind of think a lot of us dreamers fall into this category. Do you?

Dreamers are a funny bunch. We see the future ridiculously clearly. It's so real. It's so fun. I can camp out there for such a length of time that you'd start to wonder if I'm not a little delusional. In some ways, I guess I am. I can live like my dreams are real.

This symptom is even more exaggerated for the God-sized dreamer. I have a holy confidence that my all-powerful God is fully capable to make this dream a reality.

So I spend a lot of time savoring what will be.

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about what I do to get there.

I don't suffer from analysis paralysis; I suffer from analysis anemia. It's weak, and I'm tired. So I go take a nap.

I've tried to muster up the energy and fortitude to overcome this weakness. I just couldn't figure out how. That's another problem with dreamers. A lot of us see the big picture, but we're not sure how to draw it. I can see the intricacy of the image, but those same details can overwhelm me. It's part of the blessing and the curse of being a dreamer.

If you've ever felt stuck by the magnitude of where you want to go, and (say it out loud) where you think God wants to take you, my sweet friend Holley's book is for you! "You Were Made For A God-Sized Dream" is profoundly simplistic, universally personal and beautifully soul-nurturing.

Reading it felt like Holley was in my head AND my dreams. She knows the secret thoughts that I whisper only to myself. She knows the things that thrill my heart. She knows the things shame me. She knows the things that make me shrink back in fear. Better than all that, she knows the uber practical ways to get me over myself and moving forward.

I promise you, you'll feel the same way. She writes in a way that is insanely personal, but so profound I am certain I'm not the only one feeling this way. You'll love it! Truly!

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