Bringing up boys...

If you are dropping by today from the Proverbs 31 devotions, welcome. As you may have read, The CEO and I will be welcoming our third son in the coming weeks. I can tell you now that I can hardly wait. Had you asked me how I felt several months ago my answer might have been different. 

At the onset of the pregnancy I was hoping for a girl. I'll be honest though. It wasn't so much that I was hoping for a little girl. No, in truth most of my dreams revolved around the joy of a friendship of an adult daughter. My Mom is one of my best friends. I looked forward to the days of spending time as allies, peers and accountability partners. Those days would be far into the future, but I dreamt of them nonetheless. So to discover that I will never have that kind of friendship (and all the wonderful memories in between) with a daughter brought some feelings of sadness.

It was during this period of mourning the loss of those dreams that a dear friend called to offer encouragement. Mindy said she was certain that God was blessing our lives with another little boy because the CEO and I can be trusted to raise godly men of faith, character and integrity-men who will make a difference for the Kingdom. I was in tears, speechless and terrified. What an honorable calling! (It's no different than raising daughters who will gladly submit and serve certainly, but daunting nonetheless.)

I have prayed regularly since that conversation that I will in fact be worthy of the call. The CEO and I have been blessed to have amazing earthly Fathers who have set the bar high. Their strength of character and tenderness of heart warmed our affections toward our Heavenly Father at young ages.  I will admit that in the chain of faith I am the weakest link for our boys. My beloved seeks the Lord, serves Him faithfully and models that for our boys. He loves me second and demonstrates it on a regular basis. I am not worthy of him. 

For my part I am endeavoring to show that in our home Daddy is in charge. First is God; second is Daddy. We all (including Mommy) love and obey Daddy. I want our boys to value their Dad as head of our home, a capable and devoted leader. I want them to aspire to be men like him. 

Things were going well until one day a couple of months ago. Our family had just enjoyed a week of vacation at the beach. Trying to get everything packed up, keeping two toddlers entertained and getting ready for a six hour car ride had left us a little stressed.  We had managed to get most of the car packed and the boys strapped in their seats when a slight disagreement erupted. After several minutes of "discussion" I got in the front seat while the CEO finished loading the car. I was rather frustrated when a sweet voice from the back said words I will never forget.

"Mommy, did you disobey Daddy? We don't disobey Daddy. We all obey Daddy."

I was in tears, speechless and terrified.

So when the CEO got back in the car I apologized, and we headed on our merry way.  Several minutes down the road I confessed the impetus for my sudden broken and contrite heart. He was impressed and amused, and he has yet to let me live it down. I don't know that this is the kind of parenting Mindy had in mind when she said we were raising godly boys. I guess my parents were right, good parenting sometimes happens in spite of ourselves.

I can't say yet if this is a lesson my boys will remember, but it's one I will never forget.

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