The new girl.

Hi new bloggie friends. Sorry if I seem a little shy and awkward. I feel a bit like the new girl who just walked into a very crowded cafeteria on the first day of eighth grade. Everyone just stopped to check me out and a hush falls over the room. I sense a collective eye roll as they all go back to their trays or corn dogs, pizza and cinnamon rolls. I don't know anyone. I'm not sure where the line starts. I don't have anywhere to sit. I can sense that there is clearly a hierarcy, a pecking order, an unspoken lay of the land. It may take me some time to see where I fit in. I'm still trying to figure this thing out.

I'm not quite as nervous as I was just six hours ago, however. What changed? Well I had a makeover. I mean a makeover that most nervous eighth graders would kill for. Did you see my new look? I, uh my blog, got an eyebrow wax, new makeup, color and highlights and I think we look about twenty pounds lighter. Oh I'm still a little self-conscious, but I so love my new look, don't you? (By the by go see my "stylist" Jennisa if you, I mean your blog, needs a little work done.)

Now with the vast wisdom of a nearly thirty-year-old, I know that the bloggie universe has not stopped to acknowledge my entrance into this brave new world. And I know that it's just in my head. I know that this moment isn't really monumental to anyone but me. But it's a big day, so enough lurking in the doorway.

I'm grabbing a tray. Can I sit with you?

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duchess said...

Feel free to have a seat at my table. I'm fairly new here too and Jennisa is working on my makeover as we type.

Welcome to the blogging world & I look forward to getting to know you.
Your blog looks great by the way.

Mandy said...

Jennisa has done two templates for me, and I am currently waiting for her to do another one, so I am checking out all of her new work. Your page is gorgeous! I love your first post too! So cute! Welcome to the blog world!

MamaMia said...

Just checking out Jennisa's designs. Yours is beautiful!

Love your first post. I'm relatively new to blogging too. Don't worry, you'll learn quickly. It's so much fun and very addicting. ;)

Jennifer said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I'm not a fabulous blogger or anything, but started my blog to keep my family and friends up to date on my life. :) Jennisa did a makeover for me a while back and I'm waiting for another one now. Your page looks amazing! I love it! Blogging is a lot of fun, you'll love it I'm sure!

Renee Swope said...

Love your blog!! So fun, hip, happening and inviting - just like you!!