Why I don't blog way more than I do blog.

Ya'll. I have issues. I really do. I've been praying a lot lately about why I blog, and why I don't. I don't way more than I do. And I've been asking myself and God why. Here's what I've come up with.

It's not because I don't have stuff to say. I do. I really, really do. God is always abundantly faithful to regally convict me when I need material. You see I promised Him I would only teach what He's taught me. He never fails. Conviction is consistent. Material is bountiful.

It's not because I don't like it. I love reading comments. I am a "words of affirmation" gal. Satan tells me all the time that nobody cares about what I write. That it is a waste of time. Your words help me combat that deceptive whisper.

It not because I don't have time. It really doesn't take that long. It takes longer in my head than it does in reality. Do you do that? Dread doing something because you tell yourself you don't have time. It will take too long you say; only to discover it probably takes less time than the eight other things you did while putting it off?

So if those aren't the reasons. What are the reasons?

It's a little bit because this process feels a little self-absorbed. When I write I think about you. And what you'll think about me and what I write. Will it sound haughty, smart, witty, wrong? I should write just for Jesus. I know. But you are there looking back at me from the screen. Out there. In cyber space and in reality-simultaneously intimidating. And I'm stuck thinking about you, me and if you'll like me or not. It's silly but true.

There are more reasons I'll share later. Again, material abounds.

But can I ask you a question? What aren't you doing that you really want to do? Lose weight? Read to your kids? Love on your husband? Start a bible study? Clean out your refrigerator? Stop watching T.V.?

We all have "those" things. You know them. The thing that eats at you partly from misplaced guilt partly from neglected conviction.

It will fall into one of two categories. There are things we wish we would do that God never called us to. Then there are the things we don't do that we know God is calling us to. The critical issue is knowing which we are struggling with. I know God has confirmed that blogging is one of the things He IS calling me to. So I am looking at the excuses that I use to avoid it in hopes of being more obedient. But that's step two.

Here's my challenge after walking through this process. Do step one. Think about what you're not doing. Don't start with "why don't I..." or "why can't I...". Instead ask, "Does God want me to...". Answer that question first. This is really hard to do. You will be hounded by all the reasons and ways you are inadequate. I've been wading through my list for weeks now. It ain't fun. Don't get stuck. First answer the main question. Where is the source of my guilt-condemnation or conviction; self or Spirit? I have some thoughts on the difference. I'll share more later this week.

Meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I promise to let them nourish my heart not enlarge my head.

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shane bob said...

hey whitney!i like the way you start is ya'll ha ha very cool!i just want to say that what you write does have an impact on peoples lives and it got me thinking why i blog? i just want to say this to you:if God is for you, who can be against you? keep it up!im praying for you:)

Anonymous said...

Why do you blog? Do not let the enemy scare you. You never know who needs a word or help and your blog is there to give him or her encouragement, something to pause and ponder on. Your blog might even rescue someone from despair and hopelessness. Your word might even save a life. You will never know what you do. But be encouraged that whatever you do, do it unto God, for your reward comes from HIM and not from man. Have a great day Whitney.

Renee Swope said...

Whitney, it doesn't have to be much. We just love to hear from your heart. I miss your video blogs!!

Linda Tenniswood said...

I miss your video blogs as well! Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Whitney ~
I'm so thankful that you are "blogging" again!! I have missed your posts and special videos. You have a wonderful way of communicating what God has laid on your heart. I have missed you! You are an inspiration to me. There are many things that I can't find time to do ~ your list could be my list! But, with God's help and your prayers I will work on my list.
When you go to make your next post, please don't think that we are going to "judge you". I'm just happy to realize that you go through the same trials that we do. Sometimes we put others on a pedestal and think that somehow they are better than we are. That is the devil talking. We need to speak the name of Jesus and tell the devil to "get behind me satan". I will be praying for you! God bless you!

lisasmith said...

Whitney!! There are some great questions here... some I think I'll ask myself today. I would love to get to know you better here. Afterall, at She Speaks you were one of my "favorites!!"

xoxo lisa

Liz Jones said...


I just got to your blog for the first time. I read P31 devotionals all the time. I was skimming through the speakers and picked you to look at.

I enjoy learning about all these women who write these great devo's that help me so much. Anyways, I just watched your three blog videos that are up and LOVED them. You speak my language!

I have a list I am thinking about as well. I need to lose weight. More importantly I need to depend upon God more than I depend upon food. I also feel led to women's ministry but I am afraid. I struggle and don't think I am the most mature in my faith as women I see such as yourself. But I love to write, I love to learn, I love to share truths with women.

Additionally, I completely connected with your video about obeying. I also have a TON of knowledge as I am an avid reader and love to learn about God, but I feel somewhat fruitless as I look at how weak I am at applying what I know. Please pray for me about all of these things and I will pray for you.