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Welcome friends of Karen Ehman. If you didn't come here from there go there NOW. She's doing this awesome Christmas carnival and you can win some fantastic stuff!

If Karen is introducing us, hey, I'm Whitney. Thanks for popping by. I'm a Mom. When I used to introduce myself to people I'd start with that and then list a mini-resume to try and beef it up a bit. I want you to like me and be kind of impressed. Because I'm a pretty anemic Mom. I felt like my resume needed a little shine. Six years later, I'm good with being a Mom. Most days that singular job is more than I can pull off.

I didn't expect to like it much less love it-being a Mom. I knew that by some divine intervention I would love my children; I prayed I would like them. Because in general I don't really like kids. I think I have the spiritual gift of disciplining other people's children. Anybody else? If you've ever finished this sentence in your head, "what he really needs is a good..." you know what I'm talking about. No? Just me? Okay, please, please, please still be my friend.

So anyway, I knew I'd love my kids, but the dailiness of actually being a Mom, I wasn't' sure I'd like that.

This doesn't come naturally to me. I've seen natural Mom's. I had one. I hang out with a whole sorority of natural Mom's almost every day. For me, being a Mom (at least a good one, a Biblical one) takes a whole lot of Jesus. You know?

I forget until after noon to change my toddler's diaper-his OVERNIGHT diaper! We eat fast food a lot. My boys play their DS at the table when we go out to dinner. I've been called out by more than one of them for "not talking nice to Daddy." Seriously, do you feel so much better about yourself? (Subscribe now; I'm a daily dose of mommy-feel good!)

I have endured more sanctification in the last six years than I think I had in the ten prior. Nothing reveals my overabundance of flesh like three little boys. Motherhood doesn't hide a multitude of sins, in my case it highlights them. Where I should offer grace, a short fuse flares. Where they should hear gentleness, a snarky comment flies.

It would be so easy to stay focused on all my frailties. The list is so, so long. But as I sit here, counting contractions and awaiting the birth of our fourth son in six years I am filled to overflowing with joy, anticipation and sick cocktail of indigestion and back labor.  For all the difficulties of motherhood, it is inexplicably wonderful. There are a million reasons why but for me it is summed up in Hebrews 11:1.

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

In motherhood, God graces me with the ability to see the things hoped for-transformation, sanctification, mercies new everyday. I can see my boys years from now walking out their faith. I see a day when I don't lose my temper. I can see days when I'll inherit daughters. I can see fruits of the Spirit harvested in my children by their Dad's faithful family devotions.

Yes I love motherhood, but not because I'm a good Mom. I serve an always good God.

Tate, I promise to love you as lavishly as I can. I promise to always seek forgiveness of my sins even if it means making confession to you. I promise to show you how abundantly God redeems. I promise to help you be the man your Dad is. I promise to make sure you know this world does not revolve around you. I promise to help you know more than just Bible stories, but the God of the Bible. I promise I'll probably break like a thousand promises but I will love you forever. Just forgive me if there are moments (brief moments) when I don't like you so much. Just keeping' it real...

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Ayla said...

Oh bless your precious Mommy heart. I can so relate and appreciate your honesty so much especially during this 8 months of pregnancy galore and a 2 year old who is clingy and stubborn (we're casting that out in the name of Jesus!) So thankful for God's patience towards us during challenging seasons.

Praying for you my sweet friend and looking forward to the praise report(s) you will have in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

Love ya with Jesus' love,


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT, I have four boys too! Oldest is 8, twins 6 and youngest is 3. Love your post today, for real nothing like boys to bring out the best and worst and to challenge you like nothing else ever has!!! Just wanted to say his since you were expecting your fourth son...they are a blast!! AND will keep you busy and young forever so it seems, I've tossed more footballs, kicked more soccer balls and shot more basketballs in the last few years than I ever did as a kid! God bless !!! Enjoy!

Karen Ehman said...

Love you Whit!!! Thanks so much for being my guest. Gonna have our own Christmas Adam this year....complete with a candy "Cain"....if we are "Abel". Might as well involve the whole first family!!! LOL!!!!

Colleen said...

Hi, Whitney! I loved watching your video, and seeing your beautiful baby bump! My third son was born Jan. 11th (1991) so I know what it's like to go thru Christmas very pregnant and with a 2 and 4 yr. old. When he finally made his appearance, he weighed 10 pounds! There's a picture of me in front of the Christmas tree and I have no lap! - lol - I can laugh now.
My fourth son came almost 7 years later, but I love having four boys! Three of mine are adults now. It goes by way too fast. Seriously. I woke up one day and that very big baby had grown into a 6' tall 18 year-old. Enjoy them. Cherish them. I love your honesty and transparency. God bless you and your family. I will look forward to hearing of baby Tate's arrival!

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

Loved your video. Love the idea of Christmas Adam. Something I definitely want to implement even though my kiddos are 12 and 8. I still long for that time with just my man!
Thanks for sharing. You are absolutely beautiful...inside and out!

Kim C. from Michigan said...

Whitney, it is so great to see your site! I love your post, what an encouragement to know I am not the only Mom having to work hard at improving on the job :-). It was so wonderful to meet you and share time together at She Speaks this year.

I am in prayer for your family - what a blessed gift this year for you all.

Merry Christmas, Kim Cordes

Nicole Searfoss-Owner, Indulgent Aromas said...

I am so glad Karen linked to your blog today! I totally relate to all you wrote, except that I have 4 girls. They also keep me on my toes, but I watch little boys also so I totally understand the difference...and there definitely is one :) I can't wait to dig around and read more of this blog. So nice to 'meet' you!

The Lindsey Family said...

Amen! I think our children are much more forgiving and accepting than we can imagine. Being a mom is rewarding and a real blessing, but trying to be a really good mom is exhausting, day in and day out.

Alana of Domestic Bliss Diaries said...

I can so relate to this! I am a mom but not one of those "natural moms"... It seems so easy for them. I struggle daily but I do thank God for His grace and sanctification.

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