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If you're stopping by from the Proverbs 31 Devotion, thanks for clicking on over. I'd love to get to know you a little better. Hi, I'm Whitney, but to my boys I'm Wonder Mom! We're friends so I can tell you that most days I'm just fudging my way through this motherhood thing. I make more mistakes than I can count. But just this morning I was simultaneously folding clothes and having a sword fight with my two-year old. Nothing spectacular. My form could certainly use some work, and in the end I did take the fatal blow. But I went out in style-lots of chocking and gasping for air as I fell to my death. As I laid on the carpet breathing my last my sweet, tasmanian devil little boy fell on my chest and yelled, "Yeah Mommy!" Then he kissed my lips and said, "Wake up sweeping booty." (For the uninitiated, let me translate. That's two-year old speak for "Sleeping Beauty.")

Isn't motherhood a kick in the head, or a stab in the heart?! What can simlutaneously exhaust and invigorate? Or more to the point, how can I love the company of my children yet countdown to naptime everyday? How can I feel like a supreme failure and still be heralded a super hero? Motherhood, it's a wonder we survive!

Are you a Mom? Do you know where I'm coming from?

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be doing a series of posts about Mommy Meltdowns and Moments. Stop back by for some encouragement and a good laugh. See you in a few! I'm being attacked by a rogue band of dinosaurs!

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Karen said...

Dear Whitney,

Thank you for your devotion on P31 today! It was awesome and I do dwell on the cross, but like you, sometimes it's so painful, I turn away. I join my prayer to yours today.

Thanks too for your post here on Motherhood! There are few things more bittersweet and it sounds like you are embracing it and living it to the fullest! My two are grown now. I can't believe it! Where did the time go! I can't say I embraced it like you have. I am sad to admit that so many precious moments went right by me because the world and life got in the way. I pray that you will do better in that regard than I did.

Thanks again,


Megan said...

Hey Whitney,
I am so thankful for your article in Proverbs31, I actually just heard an advertisement for Proverbs31 on KLOVE yesterday and set my reminder to check it out...thank goodness for my Blackberry or I wouldn't remember to do anything! Anyhow, whether it be divine intervention or just plain luck, I'm very thankful to have stumbled upon your blog. I've been struggling here lately with having more patience with my boys. I'm a 26 year old mother to a 5 and 3 year old, working full time and in school part time, it seems like my full plate is starting cause stress that unfortunately enhances the conflicts my boys have and make them seem so much worse. I know in my heart I've been over reacting to things that I can turn into fun times. Your moment of folding clothes and sword fighting was such an "ah-ha!" for me and I plan to be more aware and take advantage of these precious situations. I could certainly go on and on, but you would be here all day just reading my comment. Just know that you have inspired me...especially in your Working Dad post...tears in my eyes at what I've never realized. I am going to write my husband a letter because these kind of things certainly need to be communicated to our spouses. Thank you for your inspiration, I look forward to reading more.
Megan, Macon, GA.

Lynn Cowell said...

Thanks so much for your reminder today. Most days I want to focus on Jesus my love instead of Jesus my redeemer. Thank you!
See you very soon!

Tammy Nischan said...

Loved your P31 devo. It really made me think. In our nearly pain-free world where we can be "numbed" for just about everything, it really is easy to become somewhat "numb" about what Christ did for us on Calvary.

So thankful that through His pain and suffering He brought us hope of eternity.

I don't ever want to be "numbed" to the humanity of the cross.

Much love,
Tammy Nischan

LA said...

Whitney - I just found you through Proverbs 31. What a treasure you are! Your devotion yesterday stirred my very soul and took my breath away. Today's post on motherhood was delightful! Funny, veeeery witty and oh so true.

I'm so glad I found you!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through P31 website. Great work! Your love for the Lord, your husband, and your kids shines!
As a Mom of 3 young kids (at one time 3-1/2, 1-1/2, and newborn.....now 7,5, 3-1/2) and having a good friend whose 3 kids are just inside of 3 years apart (now 6, 5, and 3) I wanted to encourage you.
In fact, it is wonderful because they all play so well together and are interested in pretty much the same type of toys/movies/etc....
I wish I could offer you specific advice for the ages your kids are at now....
but sorry, my memory of that stage is all a BLUR! ;)
God Bless,
Britt Collingwood

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back. I've been missing you.