That Post-SAT feeling

Wow. The second day of team time at She Speaks is over, and my brain is mush. Do you remember leaving the SAT's? Your know, you could barely remember your name, and you answered every question with an almost indistinguishable, monosyllabic grunt? That's how I feel. This day was chock full of wonderful encouragement, edification, training and fellowship. I am simultaneously full and empty. I have been given much, but have not much left to give.

Don't worry if you are attending this weekend. The P31 team will be recharged and ready to see your sweet faces on Friday!!! We can hardly wait. Friends, God is up to some big stuff!

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heather u said...

oh whitney, thank you so much for your p31 devo yesterday. I am a day behind, but this devo really spoke to me. I too have a very headstrong and stubborn child, she is 11 and unfortunately has inherited some of my worst traits - along with many good ones from her father and myself. she is definitely an independent soul. I don't condemn her for it though, I caoch her to consider those around her before diving in, to look for those younger and see how they watch her reactions, to look and think about the outcome before its too late. So many times, I need this exact type of reminder as I try to tackle the next thing. I pray that God would guide me and perhaps even close my mouth at times to prevent me from being so foolish. I desire to please Him, and yet so many times I make rash decisions without so much as a short prayer to consult my Father. I am so glad that He is patient and that He is prepared to hold us and comfort us when we have rushed into something and came out hurt. He loves me, this I know. Thank you for this reminder to listen for His voice.

Lynn Cowell said...

I felt that way too...and still do in some ways! Hope you are recovering well. Enjoyed seeing yoru sweet face,

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Whitney,

It was a pleasure spending time with you at our speaker evals. You are just the best encourager ever!

I hope you've had time to rest up and recover from She Speaks. It took me most of this week, but I'm finally feeling mostly normal. Except for the glow...which I hope and pray continues.

Blessings to you my sweet, sweet friend!