The FriendshIp Project 2009

Hey ladies. Check out the video below. And be gentle, it's my first time shooting a video and actually uploading it. Oh, I'm so nervous, but this will be totally worth it. I am so excited about this! Come back tomorrow for details on how to join our (soon-to-be set up) Facebook page!!

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Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Looking forward to more details! :) Friendships and relationships are top priority indeed! (Charles Stanley was just teaching on how important friendships are the other day...another Atlantian like you!)

You did a great job with the video...and I love the zebra pillow in your office! :)

Ready for the surfer-esque friendship bracelet,

Anonymous said...

Loved the video. You did great. Looking forward to more Friendship connections.

Sonya said...

Great job, Whit. Looking forward to hearing more. So sorry I missed the weekend. It sounds like much was accomplished. Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Will totally do it!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!


Melissa said...

Hey my Football Sister! Love our bridge of friendship there...not many of my sisters here understand my passion for college football!

Video...very brave, but awesome!!!!! You did great!

Love You,

Mandy said...

excited about it!!!! Great video!

Eagles Wings said...

Great Video!!!
Yes I'm in...just moved into new area and would like to build new friendships!

p.s. Love Melissa's comment about Football... I love Football too!

Anonymous said...

Can not wait to hear more!

Amy W said...

Very insightful. I am new to the blogging thing and new to a new city so I am all about leaving the hermit shell behind and trying to meet people. I'm intrigued to hear more about what you have going on. Blessings from Canada,

Matthews Family said...

You did great. Definitely do more videos. Love the concept and will definitely join in.

Having moved from Atlanta 2 yrs ago to Detroit, where people are not as friendly, I definitely need to reach out more to others. Thank you for reminding me of that.

Kim said...

Friendship for women is definitely put on the back burner. I'm looking forward to this project. Nice video - you did a great job! Looking forward to more in the future!

~Our 2 little Lady bugs~ said...

Isn't is crazy how God works? Friendship has been such a burden on my heart lately and I wasn't sure exactly what to do, where to get scriptures or who even to talk to about it becasue, well it's kind of a funny burden. Any who~ Long story short I have moved from the comfort of my hometown of 28 years and now live in Texas. I live in a town where most everyone is from here, born and raised and very comfortable. Everyone is polite for the most part and they will chat with you @ parent pick up or in the grocery line, but there is that a glowing line between you and them which says, "Hey your nice, but I have all the friends I need". I have never had this personality and the more the merrier. Back home it was nothing for me to grab a coffee at 9:30 at night with a girlfriend or have my favorite ice cream dropped off just because. I miss this and long for it.
While in church yesterday a word came to me that friendships are not all about me! Though we may feel that we have enough friends and don't need another.....what if that person needs me????
I see the way the ladies here in this town look at me when I act goofy, skate with my kids @ birthday parties and just smile @ everyone. I see that they are missing the JOY of friendship that everyone can bring if you allow them in.
I have yet to read your newest post about the Friendship Project....but count this friend in:)