Girls, can we chat or more to the point, can I vent and you listen? Thanks.

 I am miffed at God. Don't freak out on me. He knows it. I've had some pretty frank discussions with God lately. You see, I don't pretend with God. I revere Him, and I love Him. And you know what, I know that I know that I know He loves me. He is the omniscient One. So I figure it's kind of foolish to "play church" with God. He is my most trusted friend, but right now, I'm a little irritated.

My husband and I put our house on the market in April of 2008, literally a month before the gloom and doom news started. In eighteen months we have had two couples walk through and three price reductions. I'm pretty sure it's not a good sign when your price reductions outnumber your showings. Ughh!

"Why oh why," you ask, "would someone leave their home on the market in this economy?" Oh, girlfriend, I have asked myself that question a thousand times. Here's how I've rehearsed it in my head.

We live in a city 40 minutes from our church. It made sense when my beloved and I both worked outside the home. We chose to live near jobs and drive to church. That was also before we had children. BC (before children), it wasn't a big deal to drive to church and small group three times a week. Now well, it's a little difficult. We get up at 7 am to be at church by 10 am. We leave for small group two hours before it starts...and we still rarely make it on time.

All of this begs the questions "why oh why, would you not just change churches?" Well, we simply love our church. Our pastor believes you should find a church whose vision captures your heart and soul. Then never, ever leave that church unless the vision changes. Don't leave cause you got mad at somebody. Don't leave cause you don't like the worship. Don't leave cause you don't like how they spend God's money. Don't leave cause it's too far a drive.

We believe wholeheartedly our church's vision will build the Kingdom and glorify God. We trust the leadership with our lives. Our Elder board are the four of the five most godly men I know. (My beloved isn't an elder; he is, however, a Deacon.) The way we see it,  a church where you believe in the vision and implicitly trust the leadership, is a rare jewel.

Secondarily, our best friends are members of our church. We have been doing small group since our church's inception. My beloved and I have built life-changing, world-altering friendships through three different groups. Right now I can name at least six different couples who would be at my house tomorrow if my world fell apart or if I just simply asked them. We love their children, and they love mine. We do life with them. We know they love us for who we are while challenging us to become more like Jesus. How ridiculously blessed are we?  I say these friendships are world-altering because we are absolutely changing our world to be nearer to them. Friendships like these are totally worth the effort. (Sarah, we will get there!)

So it's a pretty persuasive case for moving right? Oh, but that isn't all. Add doing ministry and life with a church full of people we love to the fact that our parents, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews are all in the town where our church is. We love, love, love our families. For this season of our lives, forty-five minutes feels like too far.

Here's the thing. God knows all of this too. We sincerely believe He has confirmed that Crosspointe is the place where we will give our lives in service to Him and the Kingdom. He has led us in leadership. He is ordaining more opportunities to invest, serve and share. He knows where our families are. He has blessed us with a growing family. He has called me to ministry. The only thing He has NOT done is sell our home.

And you know what? God is not constrained by economies. He doesn't have to wait on the Fed. God moves in the lives of men to accomplish His good will. It doesn't matter that Georgia has an inventory of for sale homes to last more than a decade. God is bigger than all of this.

So, I am miffed. My heart has pled my case to my Father. I have been in prayer. I have asked how I can align my will with His. I have searched my heart to see areas where He wants me to grow in Christlikeness. I have promised to sacrifice my will to His own. I am submitting.

Here's the tension. The Word promises that we can bring our requests before Him. The Word teaches that His plans are perfect. The Word pledges that He will not withhold any good thing from His children. My mind concedes. I trust. My emotions, just haven't caught up yet.

Can you relate? Have you been in a situation where you willfully chose to believe God is Who He says He is, and will do what He says He will do? Or, are you still letting your emotions shape what you believe about God?

I've been burned enough to know not to be led by my emotions. Emotions are dangerous. The Word of God is sure. Today I exercise faith. I have made my choice, even if I don't totally feel like it. You?

P.S. If you know anyone looking for a home in Lawrenceville, GA check out this link and put them in touch with us!
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Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Devoting this to prayer before God, being watchful for His answers! Thank you for sharing your "miffness". He knows your hearts!

A promise from His Word
Acts 17:26
"From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live."

He knows the exact place He has for you to live!

Praying and watching,

Leigh said...
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Leigh said...

I might be way off base here, but perhaps even though you guys are ready to move, the people that God needs to put in your home are not ready yet. I dunno, but maybe something we could all pray for are the potential buyers and their walk with God right now. Sounds like you guys are all on target, but when there is more then you involved in the solution, it might be a good idea to start cheering for them too. Just a thought. Miss you and will hopefully talk with you soon. Let me know if we can do anything up here in NC.



Melanie said...

Whitney - wow - a long wait for your house to sell - but i can remember in the same situation saying it takes just one family, the right family, to walk through your doors and know they're home. So I sure will pray that that family finds you - soon! And peace for you in the meantime.

homegrowing said...

Whitney, I added you to my google reader after one of your P31 devos. I just checked in and saw your 3 posts. I'm a leurker and NEVER comment - but feeling led. I'm a momma of 5 boys, and one little girl. I could relate to MANY of your thoughts.
1. Keep being real. Jesus and your heart penetrate through the screen. I love it. I often wonder / worry that my blog exudes the craziness in my head. I write posts in my head all the time. One day they are funny, the next serious, the next about poop, birthing babies in mini-vans, my food addictions, submissive issues... idols.. therapy for my children! ... and if i have the time to actually type it, do I click PUBLISH? I get ya girlfriend.
3. Potty training. BOYS...wait till their ready. I knwo you don't need advice. YOu're doing great. But I've preferred to wait until 3 (or late 3), where they do it in 3 days and your done. I don't envy my girlfriends with potty trained younger ones...accidents and headaches.
4. Saggy, exploding, and diapers from yesterday. With ya there too. My motto - if it isn't stinky, and dropping gel onto the floor .... it's a keeper. That's why I buy pampers, isn't it? he he.
5. oh, and the friends post. I'm 33 with 6 kids. I agree on the relationship freinds. But I find myself often saying of new acquaintances... I don't want more friends! I'm blessed with a few, they do require work, and I don't want more. I think I need to pray more about that.
Well.... until later. It was a blessing to spend time with you tonight.
Sweetest Blessings,

homegrowing said...

oh, and I forgot.
The house thing...
We are taking our home off the market the end of this month. It's been 14 months. It's our earthly dream home. We felt God telling us to sell 2 years before we did. We began this journey in obedience. Once it was on the market, months passed, financial changes, and we were wanting to sell! It's been hard on so many fronts. One of my kids died here. Lord, do you really want us to move from here? I have memories! Why haven't you sold this- we are following you here? We hear You and want to be obedient. I'm tierd, it's been 50 showings. That's hard with pregnancy, birthing, newborn, homeschooling, memories... we've given it our 150% every.single.showing.
I've learned a lot. I am submitting to the Lord. Learning to follow and build up and not second guess my husbands moves in all of this. Facing fears and anxiety of our next move... where? when? Giving it all to the Lord. He knows my heart that I'd love to stay and was just getting excited that maybe He had changed His mind. This week - we have just had 3 repeat showings... supossedly they all are interested. The Lord will direct our paths. I need His patience.
I'm rambling.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You've reminded me to inspect my heart for areas I know the Lord is working on me in that I am NOT submitting too - private with Him and I - heart stuff - thanks for the grounding and sharing your heart.

msarabia said...


Know that you are not the only one! We will be putting our house up for short sale. Although ours are financial issues, I understand the frustration. Being self-employed is tough during these times. But I know I serve a God that is greater that our circumstance! I have been listening to a lesson on the Garden of Gethsamene and how even Jesus at times felt alone in His circumstance. He went to His Father and asked Why? and didn't get an answer and went back to His disciples only to find them asleep. Read it and ask God to show you your garden.

B His Girl said...

Hi Whitney,

I do not know you but it sounds like you have laid it all out before God. I am with you on the 'not pretending'. God can handle our emotions. This may be out of line, but how's your curb appeal at your house. (I watch a little HGTV.) I will be selling my house next year so I am in the process of really evaluating mine. Hubbie and I have decided some things are not so lovely and we have them growing in our yard. I am seeing a big spiritual application in these words for a talk. I will add a prayer to yours for the sell of your house. You are being faithful even when the going is tough. May God bless your family. B

Shermanators said...

What a beautiful home!! WE live in San Diego and a home like that is only a dream for us! I'll be praying for you and God's timing...waiting is hard! I am pregnant with our first and I had to wait around 3 years for it...it was such a growing time for me with the Lord, but well worth it in the end! I definitely relate to your words and feelings! I'll be praying!!! :)