Friendship Project Update 1.27.10

Fans and friends,

I've started a movement. Just writing that makes me feel all Joan of Arc-ish. It's not quite so severe, but I do think it is just as significant. I'm hoping banded together we can be liberated from the tyranny of busy-ness and isolation. I am hoping we find fellowship with friends. And so I've set up a little Facebook group dedicated to the Friendship Project. If you are on Facebook, consider joining us. If not, you can follow along right here as we kick off the campaign. The goal is to see what happens when women stop being busy and start being friends.

Today I'm announcing the the first organized initiative of the Friendship Project. Beginning next week I will be posting a series of weekly updates that invite your participation. Ready?

Join me for:

"Meditate On It" Monday

"Work it Out" Wednesday

"Feedback" Friday

No need to stress about where we go from here. Don't obsess about how this works. This isn't a big picture obligation. It isn't intended to be overwhelming. It's not just one more thing on an already-packed to-do list. Let's just do what we can to open our hearts, and perhaps more challenging our schedules to see, really see each other. Relationships aren't meant to exist just on screen or paper, but in flesh and blood.

Join me. Let's make some friends.

And now just for old time's sake:

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Your new friend,


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Theresa Haskins said...

I just love this and appreciate your doing it for us! Talk wtih you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to it!!