Work It Out Wednesday 2.3.10

Hello Friendship Project participants!

(Don't know what the Friendship Project is? Join up! Read this and this, to be part of our 2010 campaign! It's not too late.)

For today's "work it out" assignment I'd like to challenge you to look at your list from Monday. Consider sending a note or email to someone on your list with whom you have a valued friendship. Make it personal. Make it real. Make it special.

Friendship is an investment. It takes time, energy and sacrifice. Thank those individuals in your life who have made an impact. Shouldn't they know that we appreciate their efforts?

Alright, go forth and thank friends. And remember to come back here for Feedback Friday. You don't have to wait until then to share your experience, but I'll be back with my update then. Can't wait to hear what you do, and how God ministers to your friends (and to each of us) through these efforts!


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Sharon Sloan said...

I keep note cards at my quiet time spot and ask the Lord to always put on my heart a friend who would be blessed by receiving a card. I love to shower the people I love with love.

Each yaer, I ask the Lord for one verse to do a real work in my heart for that year. Every year is different...and perfect. This year is 1 Cor. 1:10 about unity. I don't want to contribute to division in the Body of Christ. Yet, my sin nature rears its ugly head at times....ugh. I am asking Him to keep my heart yielded to Him and to keep all my relationships right before Him. Each day, He confirms this to me through scripture after scripture. He is good.

See you on Feedback Friday!

MMcCabe said...

I have never considered myself a good friend because I can be quite selfish in that I get busy with my immediate life: working, raising a family and being a good disciple of Christ. So I have a very small circle of friends. At first, I blew off your Friendship project as in I didn't need help to be a better friend because it's just not that important to me. BUT...I still read your blog postings and thought, "Maybe, I should give this a try." So, I sent letters to 2 of my friends that are grieving and sent cards to two of my other friends to celebrate our friendships. They will probably all fall over dead from heart attacks that I actually made the first move, but in my heart, it felt good to do good for those I love. So, maybe this whole friendship thing will be good for me. Thanks Whitney for your wonderful perspective on life! I do enjoy it.